6 Canadian Cities Create Laws To Try And Force Citizens To Not Take Action Against The Injustices Of Sharia.

6 Canadian Cities Create Laws To Try And Force Citizens To Not Take Action Against The Injustices Of Sharia. It’s spread like wild fire around the world that every country who has taken in muslim immigrants in mass numbers recently due to events in Syria are experiencing muslims gang raping their female citizens along with violent attacks and muslims shunning the laws of the country while sticking with their sharia garbage. Just like they are doing with 6 cities in Canada now, blocking your right to freedom of speech to suit their sharia.

Our war here in Canada:

As the article attached reveals this Fadol stated “”We can’t even address the problem if we don’t acknowledge it exists,”

Now that these cities have enacted such, they have made it so citizens of those cities can’t even address the problem of sharia if they are not allowed to acknowledge that it exists!

The article is also stating in the form of an included link the obvious lie that Islamophobia is driving young Canadian Muslims to reclaim their identity. It is an obvious lie because they have been muslims the whole time!

Muslims and their sharia garbage is the real threat and our elected officials being deliberately ignorant towards this threat reveals what they are willing to do to betray you, the citizens of Canada.

We need to take back the six cities Windsor, London, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal from muslim dictators who are now placing their sharia garbage over your constitutional right to freedom of speech.

Sharia law is a real threat. Sharia allows the beheading of non muslims as well the stoning to death of non muslims. Sharia allows children under ten to be raped. Sharia allows women not wearing muslim attire to be raped then executed for being raped. They are calling being concerned with validity as many news stories circulating the globe reveals just cause for concern an irrational fear thus made up the lie islamaphobe.

There is no such thing as an islamaphobe. There is however people in governing positions betraying Canadian citizens to muslim dictatorship already (which proves that these city officials do not deserve to be in office for betraying their citizens to muslim dictatorship.) This way, they have paved the way for muslims to start committing the crimes that are quite obviously happening in other countries such as muslims committing gang rapes while condemning citizens from talking about it. So basically muslims can go around gang raping but you can’t stand against this real threat to Canadian citizens by pointing out that it is muslims committing these crimes because they are calling that islamaphobia according to the law of these cities! This is insane and we must take action to put a stop to this treason upon Canada.

People are migrating to other countries and committing crimes while making up laws to deny you the right to point out that it is these immigrants who are committing crimes because their sharia garbage is already being imposed by this point as it is in these 6 cities in Canada that we need to take back immediately!

Meanwhile our Prime Minister wants to further betray Canada, by instead of deporting these immigrants who pose a real and serious threat to your families and loved ones, he wants to keep bringing this threat in which reveals him a traitor to Canada. He obviously values muslims more than he values Canadian citizens. He evades sharia threat while attempting to make the only concern terrorism or radicalism. It’s not radical islam that is the real threat, it is islam with it’s sharia that is the real long term threat and being aware of a very real and valid threat doesn’t qualify as an irrational fear!

Think about the muslim who killed his 3 daughters here in Canada for not sticking with his sharia garbage. Now in these cities, you can’t claim he is a muslim or they are going to charge you with islamophobia?!! You can’t expose that it is because this muslim follows sharia while quite obviously ignoring Canadian law so that Canadians can no longer raise awareness to the real threat of sharia!

Muslims move into countries, taking over specific area fighting for minority rights until they have enough to vote in sharia garbage. Once sharia garbage is voted in then minorities have no rights so screw their minority so called rights and deport them before this very real threat starts further corrupting Canada as we can all see is what is happening in several countries around the world due to this muslim sharia real threat of which the liberal main stream media tries to hide from the public while they continue to commit treason against the citizens of Canada by putting our lives in danger. Again, once sharia is voted in then Canadian laws become void and your families start getting stoned to death for not being muslim or beheaded, also being gang raped and your children under ten legally raped under sharia law.

Sharia needs to be criminalized. Freedom of religion along with lobbyists giving elected officials money to force their dictations is what invited this mess. If we don’t get rid of this threat permanently then none of us Canadian citizens will have any living grandchildren because it will be full of muslims killing non muslims and being aware of this most real threat is not a phobia aka irrational fear but genuine concern for the well being of Canadian citizens!

Wake up Canada, your children’s lives and well being depend upon it!


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada



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