Islamaphobia is a lie

Islamaphobia is a lie. It’s spread like wild fire around the world that every country who has taken in muslim immigrants in mass numbers recently due to events in Syria are experiencing muslims gang raping their female citizens along with violent attacks and muslims shunning the laws of the country while sticking with their sharia garbage. Just like they are doing with 6 cities in Canada now, blocking your right to freedom of speech to suit their sharia. Sharia law is a real threat. Sharia allows the beheading of non muslims as well the stoning to death of non muslims. Sharia allows children under ten to be raped. Sharia allows women not wearing muslim attire to be raped then executed for being raped.

They are calling being concerned with validity as many news stories circulating the globe reveals just cause for concern an irrational fear thus made up the lie islamaphobe. A rational and very real cause for concern is not an irrational fear and phobias are irrational fears.

They did the same thing with homosexuals while ignoring the fact that every heterosexual on the planet is naturally repulsed with those born with the same sex genital that the heterosexual them self is born with having sex with one another and proof of this simple fact is that we are not bi sexual and we are not homosexual. We are heterosexuals! There is no such thing as a homophpobe or transaphobe. I think that the globalists used these homosexual lies and deceptions as a test on several countries to try and determine how gullible citizens can be when being fed such rhetoric. Now that they succeeded forcing those lies and deceptions on the public, here comes the big banger with this islamophobia rhetoric!

Then we have Muslim dictators using our elected official sock puppets to further betray the country with BLM distracting the publics attention from a very real threat called muslims immigrating and sharia garbage as they continue to divide the country! From what I have seen in statistic was more blacks are being killed by blacks than cops but you don’t see this BLM marching against them do you, no they march to try and make cops quite out of fear while killing them so without cops we descend into anarchy and under martial law is likely when traitors in office will push for muslims to come in like crazy so they can vote in sharia by the next election as with the USA martial law would postpone any election! Sickening that there are no protocols to remove traitors from office!

Canada needs to take those six cities back immediately as do USA with such cities as Dearborn Michigan and remove sharia garbage and threat permanently. They make it illegal to reveal a real threat called sharia in such cities and expecting their citizens to cower while muslims can then get away with murder because if you mention it was a muslim who did the murder or rape in those cities, apparently you get charged with islamophobia. This is pathetic as is our elected official traitors who need to be removed immediately. Lobbyists paying elected officials money to force their dictation must be criminalized! It’s not just terrorist or extremists that is the only threat, it is muslims and their sharia garbage!


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada




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