Canadian Parliament is severely corrupted and deceptive. Canada is not run by Democracy, it is run by the dictatorship of lobbyists who pay elected officials to do their bidding.

Canadian Parliament is severely corrupted and deceptive. Canada is not run by Democracy, it is run by the dictatorship of lobbyists who pay elected officials to do their bidding.

When you vote for a candidate to get them into office you do so based upon what they tell you that they intend to represent, once they are in office they are being bombarded by lobbyists waving cash around to do their bidding thus our elected officials turn their back on their constituents and instead represent the dictatorship of lobbyists stuffing cash into their pockets and their fellow party members pockets as well thus serving the interests of the political parties as well individual interest of those within the party being influenced by lobbyist cash even though the tax payers are paying them a wage.

They may even try telling you that this is just plutocracy because they are likely aware that the general public does know that plutocracy means serving the interests of the wealthy which is just another way of saying that they serve lobbyist dictatorship which is quite obviously not a democracy.

How do we solve this problem and bring actual democracy to Canada? We get rid of political parties and we criminalize lobbyists giving our elected or appointed officials money!

We are paying our officials to be in office, but that is just like a small bonus on top of all the money being thrown at them by these lobbyist dictators that have them turn their backs on the very constituencies they are hired to represent.

Why do we get rid of political parties?

When a kid gets out of high school for example and wants to perhaps some day be Prime Minister, they are guided to think that they generally have to pick a political party to be a part of to be successful at making their country better according to their ideas and unless they already have lots of money to throw around, to get into a political party, they have to owe favours the minute that they are brought into a political party by those within the party who sponsor them to get into the political party thus are already corrupted by owing favours right from the start and their ideas are pretty much laughed out the window as they too become slaves to dictatorship.

This way we have a parliamentary body of individual elected representatives actually representing the interest of their constituents instead of the interest of lobbyist dictatorship and political party bias agendas and trade off’s that betray Canadian citizens to a bunch of lies and deceptions.

You want a democracy, then this is exactly what needs to be done.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada


(will also add that replacing the senate with voters passing legislation and citizens doing the voting being in the country for ten years first to become a citizen since Trudeau came into office is appropriate)


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