A message for China, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma) as well North and South Korea

A message for China, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma) as well North and South Korea

Apparently genocide has been set for the Caucasian variation of the human race and they are using Islam to do it. You do realize that if they do succeed, you are going to be surrounded by a globe full of muslims which if successful, by then will have you surrounded with all kinds of nuclear bombs and high tech at their disposal. I am sure you know how muslims roll, convert or kill anything not muslim until global domination is achieved. By then if successful they will no longer need to infiltrate you, they will just rush in from all sides and slaughter you.

Sure we have our differences such as the United States and North Korea, but it is time to put aside such petty differences and start focusing on self preservation and it appears to me that by working together we can unite and start appreciating one another as allies to put an end to this globalist insanity manifestation permanently and globally. Kim Jong-un, I know that globalists play countries against one another while fooling people to even think that the citizens of a country are to blame for globalists toying in global affairs through their manipulations of lobbying and threats etc. while spinning one sided rhetoric on the citizens of countries they want to oppose you and likely because you won’t play ball with them. Times are changing and time is running out.

There is a solution aside from working together that some of us suffering globalist influence through our parliaments / congresses being manipulated by globalist lobbyist dictatorship of which I include in the attached video. I ask all of you to consider what is at stake in the long term by looking at the larger picture and consider putting aside petty differences for the well being and preservation of all of our bloodlines. Lets work together and nip this threat in the bud shall we …

It certainly warrants some serious consideration I suspect you are all well aware.

How To Defeat Globalists 101 Global Wake Up Call

12 minute 43 second video which is likely to offend everyone, but by the end you will understand why, and how defeating the globalists by removing their power is done. Not anything worth fighting for comes easy and it’s time to put an end to this globalist oppression enslavement movement and move towards global unity where respect is earned through recognition of fact.

Facts are what falsify or verify belief, exposes truths as lies.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. be good, Be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada


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