Are we in a cycle of depopulation of the human race for the second or third time over hundreds of thousands of years?

Have you heard the stories of advanced technology found dating even millions of years old? Have you seen cave depictions of humans with dinosaurs? Have you seen pictures of what is made out to be time travelers or a shoe found in the ruins of some what appears to be ancient culture? Take a deep breath because as far fetched as this may appear it adds up that we are being prepped for the depopulation process and perhaps not for the first or even second time on this planet. It could be that this has already happened again and again over the course of hundreds of thousands of years. Think about it, seeing a picture of a modern or advanced guy in an early 1900 photo? Because that technology was perhaps always here from previous cycles. The lost city of Atlantis stories and the new Venus project could be the next Atlantis.

How many times could the same dirty tricks have been used to depopulate the planet over even the course of millions of years which is why they seemingly want to stop at not anything to make it happen in modern day?

Think about this ok it may seem far fetched or crazy you may think but the pieces fit. The population begins to rise thus threatening those in power (They could be aliens or even natives of Earth for all anyone really knows with a very long life span) with losing control of the planet to such mass numbers so they would want to cut us back, but because we are fairly gullible, we work and are intelligent thus humans are useful to those who use lies and deceptions to control us like a bunch of stupid puppets. This way we never surpass a certain point and are depopulated before we can reach our potential and take control of our own destiny. We do all the work while they get to play. Like an ant colony stealing larva of another ant colony which hatch in the thieves colony and think that is where they belong thus take on the role as slaves without ever knowing any better.

Once depopulated human slaves are rounded up to build the Venus project which to me having seen it resembles what I think of when I think of what Atlantis was made out to be, those in power move into the city, kick most of the humans out except for a few slaves and are sent off to remote areas to live with sticks and stones all over again while they make themselves out to be gods while brainwashing the next generations of slaves to believe their lies all over again until the populations begin to rise again in a couple of hundred thousand years thus they use religion to pit us against one another all over again for depopulation, and again and again and again.

Now I do not know about any of you, but I’m not some globalist sock puppet and as crazy as this may sound, it really does all add up so perhaps it is time you take the time to contemplate the value of your existence and your offspring’s chance at a future instead of feeding into a slew of globalist lies of which are quite obviously being used to pit us at war against one another.

Think, they are using muslims, of which they have had hundreds of years to manipulate to believe that world domination of all other religions are what they must do. They have programmed people of others religions with lies as well such as to value a factually proven foundation of religious lies and to beleive no matter what while fooled into thinking that the Stay Puft marshmallow man is coming to rescue them. Meanwhile everywhere on the globe that muslims are being forced, the officials of those countries are being made to do next to nothing while muslims get away with violent hate crimes against non muslims while citizens against those violent hate crimes against non muslims are the ones being made out to be criminals. Looks to me like this very well could be an engineered plan that could have begun cycles ago meaning millions of years of this happening over and over again. It does explain allot of the unexplained.

I intend to play a key role break the cycle be that the case. But we must unite people. Time to throw things that divide us like religion, like the LGBT, like the globalist agenda and throw them in the garbage, unite and own this planet. Only then will we deserve to continue with our bloodlines in tact.

Take some time and just think about this. Hey, I am someone that cares. I gave up on my own selfishness long ago to focus on the larger pictures and this, as silly as it may sound, appears to be what could very well be transpiring, and again perhaps not for the first time they have done this to human beings like a bunch of sheep.

Oh and if this be the case, I suspect dinosaurs could be in hidden captivity of which every now and then one escapes and there is a sighting of a dinosaur … Giants, could very well be, I mean there have been stories of cover ups of giant skeletons alleged as a hoax which could be a cover up. Perhaps in earlier cycles they engineered humans to be smaller to suit their plans. Well I have plans of my own 😉

I’m not claiming this as fact but it does add up so take some time and think about how does it not add up? Even something that lives longer than a human and is intelligent is not the creator of everything because the fact remains that for even the very first thing with intelligence to come into existence anywhere in our universe, it first takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter for anything to come into existence, then start developing intelligence fo rit to develop any abilities to re create with the energy and matter that always existed and always will exist through an endless duration of constant change. We might be slaves and this could be pinnacle for the shackles to come off and humans start controlling our own destiny.

We need to unite to make this happen by removing the divides of which if they have done this before, they know how humans will react in general. Telling people that a man is a woman while prior to this attempting to force people to have sympathy and encourage a sick mental disorder because they know it will divide us like religion always has as well. Take a good look around you people, at videos, at history … this may be the wake up call humans have been waiting for to break millions of years of the same sick cycle to keep us all as slaves without the many ever even knowing it because of a little freedom while being played like a fiddle.

Lets code name this Project Take Atlantis 😉 Also think human sacrifices could have been made to depict human willingness to play the part of the inferior and keep our numbers depopulated to appease these control freaks aka globalist who do such to humans anyway when our numbers get up in number like now by using pathetic lies to pit us against each other like some fun game to them ever couple hundred thousand years … We could build pyramids with modern tech before we are depopulated sort of thing …

Aren’t you sick of the lies and deceptions? I certainly am sick of being lies too. Perhaps it’s time for these people or whatever to come out of hiding be this the case so we can begin to work together. I’m not anyone’s anythings puppet.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David jeffrey Spetch
Ps. be good, Be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada


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